I have known Kevin Kuns since he became head of the Democratic Party in Montrose County. He is an extremely hard worker and cares deeply about the common man and democracy. He is running for state representative for District 58.

Even though my parents were Republicans, when I came of age, I chose to be a Democrat because I felt it was the party that had the most heart. But I never worried when a Republican was elected in the past. That has changed for me.

I think about 2/3 of Republicans today support Donald Trump, who is for all practical purposes, the head of today’s Republican Party, and in my judgment, he has low character.

Republicans and unaffiliated voters: if you care about our democracy and carrying on with the goodness and integrity of America’s ideals, please vote for Democrats, including Kevin, this time around. When the “real” Republicans take hold again, I will welcome them back as Republicans. We need a two-party system for democracy to grow and prosper.

Linda Copley, Montrose