It is a smart move for Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated voters to support Kevin Kuns for HD58. He has won approval of the entire Board of Restore the Balance, an organization dedicated to picking individuals that will represent all the voters in their District without holding any extreme views on either side. He is one of four candidates selected in Colorado for that honor.

Kevin spent his early years on a ranch in Wyoming and he understands western life. He spent many years managing and restoring underperforming restaurants in the US. He understands business and he will work in the best interests of all of us in the West.

If you are looking for a candidate with quality, integrity, honesty, and the willingness to use those skills for Colorado, he is the best candidate. He puts people over party and has a much better grasp of the problems we face in Western Colorado than his opponent. He is a problem solver who looks to a better future.

Please vote for Kevin Kuns, Colorado House District 58.

Bob Nicholson, Montrose