I’m writing to support Kevin Kuns in his bid to be our state House District 58 representative.

As a former Gunnison County Commissioner, I know what it takes to listen, collaborate with others, and make decisions for the good of the public.

Kevin’s background in ranching, as a businessperson, recruiting national restaurant managers, and in public education has given him the skills to tackle all the challenges to be solved by our state. He is not a one-issue person.

Perhaps most importantly, as a Western Slope Democrat, Kevin cares about all those who live in the district. He is beholden to no ideology or group and genuinely wants to improve the lives and protect the freedoms which we now enjoy but which are also being threatened.

Kevin cares about us, and being our representative would be his full-time job.

I believe in his campaign slogan, “FREEDOM FOR ALL,” and encourage your readers to vote for Kevin Kuns as our House District 58 representative.

Jim Starr, Gunnison