House District 58 needs a representative who will not just work tirelessly for farming and agriculture, but also fight for more funding to recruit and retain our valuable teachers.

Colorado should be in the top 10 of teachers’ salaries and what we invest in each student’s annual education. Kevin Kuns wants to help teachers in Colorado, who are paid worse than 49 other states, resulting in many good teachers leaving education.

Kevin Kuns is someone I have come to know and respect. We both were raised in a family of educators. His grandmother was a superintendent in Wyoming. His mother, like mine, was a teacher raising a family of her own. He knows how deeply education impacts business and community.

Kevin Kuns will champion and work hard to change the way the state budget has been failing schools and our children. He understands that TABOR has hurt us for three decades.

Marc Catlin worked on HB22-11011. It allows PERA retirees to come back to work without reduction in retirement benefits. Huh? Teachers are leaving the field and not returning. Talking about putting the cart before the horse. Kuns will listen and work for mutually beneficial solutions to improve education. He is a creative thinker who really listens to a diverse group of community agents. Kuns is needed.

Ellen Angeles, Montrose