I had the honor and privilege of representing Montrose County in what is now House District 58 twice: first directly as a state representative in that district and again when I was elected as Colorado lieutenant governor.

In both instances (and when I served as a state senator, but not in a district that included the counties now in the 58th), I saw that the most effective legislators were not those who talked tough when campaigning back home (“I’ll Stop Denver from Stealing our Water”), but rather those who built coalitions across the aisle, coalitions of urban and rural, and Democrat and Republican. Coalitions that would actually accomplish something, particularly when it came to trans-mountain diversion of Western Slope water.

These days we truly do need the most effective representative we can find, not just the loudest. We need a person who has built a reputation of being thoughtful and serious, not one who’s loud when back home but nearly invisible over in Denver. (And certainly not one who spouts bogus threats about water stealing just to scare the voters back home.)

This is why I am supporting Kevin Kuns for state representative: Kevin is a decent, honest, hardworking, coalition-building leader.

Ask yourself: isn’t that exactly what we need now at all levels of government these days?

Kevin Kuns – not the loudest, just the most effective.

Mike Callihan is a former lieutenant governor for Colorado who served from 1987-1994 under Gov. Roy Romer.

Montrose Daily Press (icon)Guest column by Mike Callihan
Montrose Daily Press | October 29, 2022
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