I was alarmed on Saturday morning (Oct. 22) to see the Trump Truck parade, flags flying with MAGA labels and Catlin banners. I do not want my Colorado House District 58 representative to owe that unpatriotic, badly informed crowd anything.

This group seems to equate big, noisy trucks to big, noisy Trump power. That power is artificial. They do not show patriotism but ignorance and a willingness to believe in deception. It makes me think that Catlin supported the insurrection. Certainly, these parading supporters must.

Catlin has stated his support for Trump, Tina Peters, and beliefs about unfounded election fraud, and he tried to do that with legislation this past January.

Yet his ads say he supports the rule of law, the sheriff’s association, and the Civil Justice League. It does not square with his support for the real “outlaws.”

This is not the representation I want in the Colorado House, nor do I want Catlin to be beholden to insurrection supporters and their intimidating display. They look like they are itching to start a fight.

Kevin Kuns, be proud that you can tell fact from fiction, have an open, caring mind, and choose love and listening over chaos and lies. Readers, please vote for Kevin Kuns for HD 58.

Regina Sowell, Montrose