Kevin Kuns is running for HD 58 in western Colorado. He has a strong business background and wasn’t interested in politics until recently as a result of alarm, which many of us share, at the dysfunctional divide between Democrats and Republicans, which is tearing our country into two warring camps.

No country can long survive a situation where its people are constantly fighting.

Kevin get things done, receiving numerous endorsements statewide. With a friendly, outgoing personality, he’s skilled at getting people to open up, whether it’s one on one or in front of large crowds.

I’ve seen him operate up close for years; he gets to the nub of whatever challenge he faces. Growing up working summers on his uncle’s ranch in Wyoming, he understands farmers’ and ranchers’ concerns. His volunteer work for the Western Colorado Alliance, the Montrose County Commissioners Advisory Committee, local charity organizations, as chair of the local Democratic Party, and his career in executive management have prepared him to serve wisely and effectively.

He’s been endorsed unanimously by the Grand Junction-based Restore the Balance; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are working to tamp down the division that has poisoned political dialog and threatens the stability of our democracy.

It’s not sufficient to have a representative who “toes the party line,” we need folks who can listen to all sides of a debate and come to a reasonable decision; Kevin Kuns is that man.

His opponent voted against affordable housing for workers, healthcare plan competition, a drought and climate stability office, sick leave for employees during the pandemic, and a clean air bill.

These “no” votes are out of touch with the challenges Montrose and other communities face in the 21st century and are a disservice to the young people who must navigate a constantly changing economic environment.

Whether it’s farmers and ranchers suffering from lack of water and pests due to climate change, our dying national forests, or lack of affordable housing for lower-wage workers, Kevin is well versed on the issues and will tackle these problems head-on.

We need a strong voice and a strategic thinker as our representative in House District 58 in order to make sure that our region gets our fair share of available resources. Prosperity and civil order only happen when people work together rather than when they are too busy fighting… Kevin Kuns understands that.

David Congour, Montrose