The primary will be over, so let’s get ready to WIN!

It’s time. It has been 40 years (1975-80) since a Democrat represented the old HD58. It’s time for a Western Slope Democrat with Western Slope values, someone who understands the issues and challenges facing this district over the next 20 years. More importantly, it’s time for a representative who will go to Denver and be the primary sponsor of legislation that will get results that enhance the lives of everyone in the district.

Kevin Kuns will officially kick off his campaign for Colorado House District 58 on Thursday, July 7th at 3:00 PM. The event will be held at Colorado Outdoors, where water meets small business, two important things for the future of the Western Slope. Located at 1101 Mayfly Drive in Montrose, you will find us gathered behind the large new office building close to the river. You’ll find ample parking in the front. Just follow the banner and yard signs.

Colorado Outdoors (click for map and directions)

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